January 11, 2008

Top Five Movies of 2007—Elizabeth Grobel


Control is Anton Corbijn’s feature-film debut about the life and music of Joy Division front man Ian Curtis. With a delicate hand, Corbijn tells the story of one of post-punk’s darkest icons. His work avoids the hyper-sentimentality and tortured artist clichés so often present in biopics. No pretension or cheap shots here. The actors performed all the Joy Division music in the movie live, giving the band scenes extra punch. I won’t mislead you: you WILL weep. Like a baby. An absolute must-see.


A rat! Who wants to cook! In Paris! This is one of the most darling movies I’ve ever seen in my life. I fully enjoyed rooting for the rodent Remy to make it big on the French cooking scene—a sympathy I do not extend to any of the little critters scurrying around my own kitchen in the night.

Knocked Up

This is one of the more “real” boy-girl romantic comedies to come out in 2007. Its quick dialogue and improvised feel up the comedy of what are two of the most trying events in two people’s lives: the arrival of a first (unexpected) child and falling in love. It’s pretty much the perfect date movie, if you can handle a good pregnancy joke, or 10.

The Darjeeling Limited

Wes Anderson continues his own tradition of tense family drama steeped in gorgeous cinematography, frame for frame. I wouldn’t worry about whether any shot is too gorgeous or too quirky; Anderson’s lovely stylistic decisions don’t obscure the story. I think this is one of the most grown-up of the Anderson films, but it doesn’t sacrifice any comedic energy to that end.

Stomp The Yard

In Stomp The Yard, cut-up kid DJ makes a name for himself at Truth University by dominating the fraternities’ stomp competitions. In a nutshell, boy meets girl involved with rival boy. Boy shows what he’s made of and romances girl. I won’t give away the ending. Watch for the amazing dancing.