October 31, 2008

Kay Hagan will take away your Christmas

Maybe you've seen this already, but if you haven't check out Sen. Elizabeth Dole's astounding attack ad against Kay Hagan, where she calls Hagan "Godless" and suggest that if Hagan is elected, Christmas will be forever canceled. This is an ad:Ugh. That Kay Hagan! Say what you want, but she's really come a long way from the days when Dole dismissed her as an adorable little puppy. As for Dole, well, she was herself on the receiving end of a pretty awesome attack ad back when we were all younger.The end result of this has been near-universal condemnation of Dole--the Charlotte Observer said Dole (not just her tactics) "has no place in N.C. politics"--and Hagan has now filed a anti-defamation lawsuit. All the more reason to check out the Maroon's liveblog (!!!1) on Tuesday.