March 11, 2008

Customers won’t need a guise to shop at this chic spot

At a recent party for the opening of a new style salon Guise/Chic, even the most fashionable person might have asked, “How in the world did I get here?” The party and the store are the epitome of a style mecca, and even for the best dressed person, this situation can be highly intimidating. Thankfully, Guise/Chic is the type of store that can make even the most unfashionable seem in style.

According to co-owners of the store, Brad Habansky and Heidi Taylor (Jodi Kimmel is also a force on the women’s side), one of the goals of the newly integrated space is to allow communication between the men’s and women’s sides, but also to allow a private shopping experience. On the men’s side, classic pop art of James Dean and Elvis adorn the walls that display classic suits and more modern denim and dress shirts, while on the women’s side, a luxurious chair and mirror decorate the entrance to the dressing room, and beautiful flower bouquets embellish the rows of colorful dresses, jeans, and tops.

Habansky said that initially they didn’t know what the setup for the new store would be due to space issues but that they always wanted an equal representation of guys and girls. The store has grown to almost double the size of the original Guise and has added almost 30 percent more merchandise for men, allowing for a greater diversity of upcoming seasonal lines. For the men, better known brands like Oliver Spencer and Acne that provide a classical element are mixed with other names like Loba, Duckie Brown, Hope, and Nudie. On the women’s half, labels like Filippa K, Amanda, Up Richard, Black Label SF, and Acne combine classic designs, colorful springtime dresses, great shoes, and accessories to create a dynamic look.

To offer complete styling, Guise/Chic also provides hair treatment in the salon. Each styling station is fully equipped with television screens to sit back and enjoy as you receive some great tips for updating your hairstyle or just maintaining the look that you already have. In the waiting lobby for the salon, modern white couches and sleek glass tables invite you to be comfortable and even strike up a conversation with the opposite sex. Guise/Chic, though it can be just a solo shopping experience, can also be a way to meet great people in a cool setting. (Also, they can help you look great for the date you just got asked out on while in line for a haircut.)

Though some clothing boutiques can be cold and undeservedly exclusive, Guise/Chic offers a helping hand in the pursuit of looking great and dressing to your own taste. Men and women from all fashion backgrounds can find their own niches in the store and even discover a new look for their wardrobes.

Guests at the party may have felt somewhat out of vogue, but as the night progressed, so did the realization that Guise/Chic can adapt to all senses of style. Heidi Taylor and Brad Habansky’s unique vision and excellent personal style gives the story this unique quality and will make it one of the hot spots of 2008.