July 21, 2009

Next stop, Zihuatanejo

Allow me to start off with some math:2 murderers + 1 rapist + tunneling knowledge - Melvin Purvis = no one is safe.Three prisoners at an Indiana prison - Lance Battreal, Charles Smith, and Mark Booher, convicted rapist, murderer, and murderer, respectively - tunneled their way to freedom last Sunday.

The prison was built around 1860, and the tunnels -- lined with brick and concrete -- carry pipe chases and sewer lines, Schrader explained. Photos from the department show that someone smashed through iron bars blocking access to the tunnel and made a hole in a brick wall large enough to crawl through.
But in spite of their plain brilliance, it would seem the convicts are no match for the police. Or at least mostly not. Smith was captured by one of Daley's bodyguards, a god amongst men, the day after the escape (he had with him "$1,300 in cash, a wristwatch and several wedding rings"); Battreal and Booher remained at large. That is to say, probably down the street.The news this morning is that Battreal just got picked up by the police at his mother's house in southern Indiana. (Presumably she gave him up for the $5,000 reward.) This means that it's just Booher on the loose now. And while it seems that the forces of good are winning, I've got to say that the existence of Felony Franks and its "misdemeanor weiners" at the corner of Western and Jackson makes me worry. Booher could be looking for a job.