October 12, 2010

Life of the Grind - 10.12.10

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I still don't get why being like a G6 is a good thing.

Dear President Zimmer: I've never seen you in person. Are you real?

To the Mac Lab employee who used to have a mustache: You looked better when you were mustachioed.

Dear Thief: You stole a keg tap while the keg was half-full? Really? Really?

Dear Harold's Chicken Fish and Pizza Shack: I thoroughly enjoy your half dark. Do you actually have pizza though?

To the kid sitting at the next table: Stop typing so loudly, or else one of us is going to break your keyboard.

To Chicago weather: Make up your mind already! I just put my madras away!

To "Jack": There is no need for the hate-orade.

Dear Green Sweatshirt Girl: It's true what my friends say, your face does look like you're sucking on the world's sourest black-cherry Warhead, but you'll always be my Sweet Tart.