October 16, 2010

Glee Episode 2.4 Recap

On this week’s episode of Glee, the club members compete in a duets competition in hopes of winning a free date at a local Italian restaurant known for its free breadsticks. Since Schuester announces that club member Puck is performing a stint in juvie, Rachel and Finn decide to throw the competition in hopes that new kid Sam will permanently join the team. Interpreting Sam’s pretty-boy good looks as a sign that they bat for the same team, Kurt attempts to sing the assigned duet with him. Finn, afraid that backlash would drive Sam off the team, discourages Kurt; Sam ends up singing his duet with Quinn, whom he is interested in. Meanwhile, Artie still isn’t over Tina but tries to move on by dating Brittany, whom he promptly dumps after losing his virginity because he thinks the relationship means little to her. Brittany, on the other hand, appears to be sore at Santana for choosing Mercedes as a duet partner over her in an attempt to be the “undisputed top bitches” at William McKinley. Sam and Quinn end up winning the competition, and although Quinn is initially afraid of letting herself have feelings for him, she insists that he pays for their prize breadsticks because “a gentleman always pays on the first date.”