May 11, 2010

Incumbent slate working to fulfill campaign promises

Newly-elected slate NextGen set itself a series of goals for its time in office during its campaign, and while the incumbents won’t officially take office until the current slate graduates, NextGen is already hard at work.

Officers Greg Nance, Patrick Ip, and David Chen gave themselves a series of goals for their first 30 days in office, aimed at improving the RSO experience, making SG more accessible, and increasing University spirit.

“We have an obviously ambitious set of 10 goals,” said third-year Nance, Student Government (SG) president-elect. Still, the officers believe that completing each task, or at least making significant progress, will be possible, and they have already started working in order to “get the ball rolling,” Nance said.

Visibility and increased communication will be among the major tenets of SG’s first days in office. “We want to see a spike in our attendance in student forums,” said first-year Ip, who will be vice-president for Student Affairs. Among the plans to increase accessibility, the officers plan to schedule regular C-Shop hours and host four-square games in Max Palevesky quads to encourage students to interact with SG.

Nance believes securing three used vans for use by RSO groups would be the most difficult task listed in the 30-day plan. He cited insurance and liability issues as major challenges before the vans could be incorporated into the system of UchicaGo vehicles.

The 30-Day plan also includes activities ranging from a school spirit-fostering 21+ pub crawl to a webcast for major events to keep alumni and students abroad connected to campus.

Looking past the 30-day mark, NextGen’s plans for long-term goals are underway. They have already secured $5,000 to add additional electrical outlets to Hutch and C-Shop—a goal SG plans to complete next winter.

Large-scale plans for this summer also include a legal clinic to serve students. The officers and University hope to make legal information available online and to expand free services to students. The officers will also work this summer to expand the existing student discount program to businesses downtown.

The officers hope to keep up this pace through the rest of the year with a specific timeline of set goals for each quarter. The lists have been posted online at to ensure accountability and 100 percent transparency, Nance said.

May 16 marks NextGen’s first meeting, and the officers have entered SG with a set plan of action to complete their goals. “All hands on deck, ready to make a difference. That, for us, is what it takes,” second-year and soon-to-be Vice-President David Chen said.