February 27, 2011

Community Episode 2.17 Recap

The gag at the beginning of this episode is my favorite gag ever. Everyone in the study group is carving notches in the side of the table with their keys, keeping track of “Classic Wingers” in Abed’s case, the number of times Annie references Jeff’s abs in Jeff’s case, and in Troy’s case, “Notches.”

This episode, Joe Biden is coming to Greendale. His face never actually appears on screen, but we hear “his voice” (e.g. a random dude’s voice) say something once. Joe only really matters in that he wants to meet the president of the student body, and Greendale doesn’t have one.

So the Dean is “forced” (chooses) to wear a slutty Uncle Sam outfit that belongs to his “sister” (him. He doesn’t have a sister). The suit features spandex shorts and a blazer with shoulderpads that clearly once belonged to Beyonce. And there are elections!

At first, a lot of people want to run, but their motives are dubious. Pierce wants to run to get back at a girl in a yellow shirt who didn’t let him borrow a pencil. Britta wants to run because she’s anarchist, but no one else is and she quickly drops out. Jeff wants to run to show Annie that politics are stupid. Annie wants to run for the best reason—because she wants to create positive change! (And then, later, because she hates mold.)

The most serious candidates are Jeff and Annie. Jeff is winning because he calls himself a “fella” and likes his beer cold. He also says cool slogans devoid of meaning like “These people don’t want me to say what I’ll do. They want me to do what I’ll say!”

So Annie takes off her gloves and pulls out her trump card and throws down the gauntlet (or something): she plays Jeff’s Real World: Seattle audition for the school. Jeff is nineteen in the video. He is singing a song about the Real World. He has ironed the letters of his own first name onto the back of his leather jacket. He quits the election and runs off the stage crying because his number one priority is pretending never to have been nineteen. Annie feels so guilty she drops out of the race as well, and the winner of the election is not even a person, but South Park, with seven write-in votes.

In other news, Abed “fell in love” (e.g. talked three times with) a secret-service agent who was, for all intents and purposes, Britta in sunglasses. In other other news, Troy has adopted the middle name “Butt Soup.” Nobody knows why, least of all Troy.