April 22, 2011

Community Episode 2.20 Recap

This week, all these people are hooking up, but not the right people. E.g., not Jeff and Annie. When are they going to get together? Not this week. This week people who hooked up include: Pierce and a hot, racist girl; also, Britta and Troy, but only briefly and with the help of Troy’s imaginary uncle.

Everyone is signed up for art electives this episode—Britta and Troy are signed up for acting (which Britta thinks requires a skintight unitard), and Pierce and Jeff are signed up for wine-tasting. In their first wine-tasting class, they meet a woman who is extremely hot. Jeff hits on her, and she blows him off. (The “off” is key.) The next day, she and Pierce walk into the study group meeting and announce that they are engaged.

Jeff is a weird combination of jealous (of Pierce), skeptical (of the lady’s intentions), and crazy (no parenthetical comment necessary). He begins to act like Veronica Mars (as various characters note), and try to sniff out what’s really going on. He grills the woman, hoping to find that she needs a greencard or money. She does not need either. Finally, during the engagement party, Jeff realizes he could use a popular search engine called “Google” to find out about the woman. Google tells Jeff that Pierce and his fiancé are heads of dueling moist towelette empires, and that this is all an elaborate ploy to consolidate the two companies. The woman storms out of the party, and their relationship appears to be over.

BUT IT IS NOT. Because, as Pierce astutely points out, everyone is using everyone. He is using his fiancé for her company “in the sack.” She is using him for his towelettes. At the end of the episode, they plan their first date and, in planning it, both manage to be racist.

Meanwhile, Troy lies in acting class (because he wants to get in Britta’s unitard) and says his uncle molested him. Britta, who loves damaged men, especially ones who huff paint thinner, goes for it. Then Troy feels bad, tells her the truth, and continues to hit on her. He is weirdly suave, given that he has, in past episodes, cried about Reading Rainbow.