December 4, 2012

Updated: Cathey reopens after closing Thursday night

Update as of Dec. 4 at 8 p.m.: Cathey Dining Commons reopened earlier today.

Cathey Dining Commons remains closed four days after it failed two consecutive inspections, the second of which took place last Thursday.

UChicago Dining and Aramark performed a thorough cleaning over the weekend. Administrators suspected the third inspection would come early this week, but are still unsure of when the city will inspect and approve the new conditions, according to an e-mail from Ana Campos, interim director of Undergraduate Student Housing, and Richard Mason, executive director of UChicago Dining.

Students who would normally eat at Cathey will receive an additional 20 Maroon Dollars in compensation, after the initial 100 given last week. Pierce, Bartlett, and Hutch are also operating under extended hours until Cathey reopens. UChicago Dining and Aramark are also holding a continental breakfast for those who are assigned to Cathey from 8 to 10 a.m. this morning.

Pierce and Bartlett underwent cleaning over the weekend as a precaution, though they both passed recent inspection, the e-mail said.