April 5, 2013

See more at myUChicago

Originally slated to close by the start of winter quarter this year, cMore will finally be decommissioned. Starting April 22, students will use MyUChicago exclusively to view and edit their student information online. MyUChicago integrates all information available on cMore, including grades, housing information, and tuition bills plus various student resources.

The main difference between the two systems is MyUChicago’s inclusion of customizable boxes of information called “portlets,” which group together the contents of cMore. They also include Web links to resources like IT Services, Transloc, the library Web site, and the academic calendar. According to an e-mail distributed to all students, MyUChicago is meant to serve as “a hub of campus and community resources” by consolidating them in “one central location.”

The University announced the phasing out of cMore earlier this academic year to prepare students and staff for the transition to MyUChicago. In addition, IT Services has developed online guides and a chart listing an application or function from cMore and its MyUChicago equivalent.