June 4, 2013

Logan leaks, students evacuated

The Logan Center for the Arts was plagued with water leaks due to torrential rain last week, forcing some students to temporarily vacate the building.

Second-year Sasha Ayvazov was watching the dress rehearsal for University Theater’s Merchant of Venice last Tuesday when he and other students were evacuated due to leaks in the building.

According to Ayvazov, the leak spread from the terrace to the catwalk of Theater East, where the rehearsal was being held. The catwalk, where the lighting for the theater is operated, became a potential hazard, forcing students to leave the area, he said.

On Saturday, students once again witnessed leaking in the building. Second-year Manasa Ravi, who performed in Commedia dell’Arte’s The Pirate King this weekend, noticed leaks in the backstage area next to the courtyard.

“From what I could see, it was leaking from the ceiling, along columns, and through lights and sprinklers,” she said. “At one point, it stopped raining outside, but you couldn’t hear a difference because it was leaking inside just as hard as it had been raining outside.”

Facilities Services Communication Strategy Manager Amy Lee said that the drainage issues on the third floor terrace, including some damage to the ceiling, are being addressed.

“Facilities Services continues to investigate the cause of the leak impacting the lobby and mezzanine. We have taken interim steps to minimize the impact of a re-occurrence,” she said in an e-mail.

The Logan Center for the Arts was constructed between spring 2010 and spring 2012 and officially opened last October.