November 4, 2014

Div School café temporarily closed

A refrigeration malfunction had some students crying over spilled milk at Grounds of Being, the Divinity School’s café, on Monday morning.

According to Greg Chatterley, fourth-year Div School Ph.D. student and manager of the café, a compressor in the main milk refrigerator broke down over the weekend. “The malfunction essentially transformed the fridge from a cooling unit to a heating unit, and the milk quickly spoiled,” Chatterley said in an e-mail.

Several milk gallons exploded as a result of the spoilage, which forced the Grounds of Being staff to clear the fridge of most of its contents and to sanitize the area. Although the main fridge is still out of order until a replacement compressor can be obtained, the café has a “small backup fridge that we will be able to use to provide full service until the permanent fix is in,” Chatterley said.

On Monday morning, there was a sign posted outside the café which said that it was closed until further notice. Later that afternoon, Grounds of Being was able to provide customers with all items on the menu except those requiring milk. The café hopes to resume its full services within a few days.