May 9, 2014

SG allocates Student Activities Fee

Student Government (SG) allocated approximately $2,102,000 of the Student Activities Fee for the 2014-2015 academic year at its Assembly yesterday. The Student Activities Fee increased by approximately $100,000 from this academic year.

The money SG allocates represents only a small portion of the Student Life fee, which is divided between health and wellness, including Student Health Services, Student Counseling Services, and Health Promotion and Wellness; campus activities, which provides funds through Campus and Student Life; and student activities, which provides money to Office of the Reynolds Club and Student Activities. The graduate student activities fee is divided into a central fund, for all graduate students, and a divisional fund, which apportions money through each academic division.

Vice President for Administration Sofia Flores proposed establishing a Sexual Assault Awareness Committee, following her work this year on sexual assault awareness. Her proposal suggested that 25 percent of its funding will go to an advisory board of Student Emergency Response Systems and the Resources for Sexual Violence Prevention to plan Sexual Assault Awareness Week. The remaining 75 percent will go to an SG committee to award to student initiatives and projects, and the committee will solicit ideas for these projects from students. SG voted to establish the committee with 19 in favor, 5 abstaining, and none opposed, and voted separately to fund the committee.

Here are the allocations for next year. Changes from last year’s allocations are noted.

Campus Unity Committee: $0 (decreased $30,000)

Coalition of Academic Teams: $210,000

College Council: $5,000

Community Service Fund: $77,000 (increased $2,000)

CSRSO Administrative Support: $12,000

Graduate Student Mixers: $50,000

Graduate Council & its Travel Fund: 60,000 (increased $15,000)

Newspaper Project: $39,000 (increased $6,000)

Program Coordinating Council: $500,000

SG Administrative Budget: $40,000

Student Government Finance Committee/Annual Allocations: $717,000

Sports Club Fund: $133,000 (increased $18,000)

Student Organization Support: $159,000 (increased from $39,000)

Uncommon Fund: $50,000

Sexual Assault Awareness Fund: $10,000