October 27, 2016

Sigma Chi Expels Brother Accused of Sexual Misconduct

A student accused of sexual misconduct last Friday night has been expelled from the UChicago chapter of the Sigma Chi fraternity. 

According to the chapter’s executive board, the incident did not occur at the chapter residence.  

“In response to recent allegations of sexual misconduct against a former member of our chapter, we severed ties with the individual, who will have no future affiliation or involvement with our chapter,” the chapter’s executive committee wrote in an e-mail to The Maroon

The chapter’s advisor, Samuel Smith, said that the chapter has initiated the disciplinary process with Sigma Chi’s international organization. 

“As with all incidents of this nature, and in keeping with Sigma Chi International Fraternity’s protocols and procedures, that brother has been placed on interim suspension from the Sigma Chi International Fraternity pending an investigation,” Smith said in a statement Thursday night.  

The Maroon obtained an e-mail from the chapter’s executive committee to sorority presidents about the incident. 

“In the past 48 hours, our executive committee became aware of unofficial allegations of sexual misconduct against a member of our fraternity,” reads the Wednesday night e-mail. “In response, with the backing of our national headquarters, we made the decision to sever permanently all ties with the individual, who was informed [Wednesday] afternoon that his membership in Sigma Chi had been terminated.” 

The executive committee said in an e-mail to The Maroon that the chapter did not host any social events that night. It added that the chapter “maintains the strictest of zero-tolerance policies regarding sexual misconduct.” 

Chicago Police Department (CPD) News Affairs did not immediately respond to an inquiry for information about any reports of sexual assault in Hyde Park on the night of October 21. There are no reports of sexual assault on the UCPD Incident Report Archive from that night or the morning after.  

On Saturday, October 22, a person reported that she had been scratched in the face by an acquaintance at an off-campus party at approximately 11 p.m. on Friday. The victim declined to file a CPD report, but the case was referred to Campus and Student Life.  

Fraternity presidents who signed a recent agreement committing to a standard sexual assault policy called “Fraternities Committed to Safety” convened Thursday for a meeting.