February 8, 2017

University Raised $443.3 million in 2016


The University of Chicago raised $443.3 million in 2016, ranking 14th in fundraising among colleges and universities across the country, according to an annual survey by the Council for Aid to Education.

The Council for Aid to Education is a New York nonprofit that helps educational institutions measure and improve student learning success.

The University was also ranked 14th in the 2015 survey with $443.79 million.

Harvard ranked first in 2016, having raised $1.19 billion, while Stanford ranked second with $951.15 million. In 2015, Stanford ranked first with $1.63 billion while Harvard raised $1.05 billion.

The other 11 schools that ranked above University of Chicago included both public and private schools, such as University of Southern California; Johns Hopkins University; University of California, San Francisco; Cornell University; Columbia University; University of Pennsylvania; University of Washington; Yale University; Duke University; University of California, Los Angeles; and New York University.

Schools ranked below UChicago included the University of Michigan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Northwestern University, Ohio State University, University of Notre Dame, and Indiana University.

The total raised by colleges and universities in 2016 was $40.3 billion, which is about the same as the total from 2015 when adjusted for inflation.