November 29, 2018

Basketball Bounces Forward

This Saturday, Maroon basketball fans are gearing up for an eventful doubleheader away from home. The men’s basketball team will be playing Kalamazoo College and the women’s team will be playing at Elmhurst. While the men’s team is currently wielding a 3–2 record, the women’s team holds a fateful 5–0. 

As the Maroon men head to Kalamazoo, they are to be greeted with a team known for their high-scoring games. In the past six games played, the Hornets averaged around 85 points per game and 40 rebounds per game. Meanwhile, the Maroons hold matching statistics of 71 points per game and 40 rebounds per game. Still, the Maroons beat the Hornets where it counts. The men hold more impressive statistics for assists per game and efficiency rank. Moreover, the Hornets are coming off a four-game losing streak. Hopefully the Maroons will step up during the game and beat them to the boards for rebounds and cut down their field goal attempts.  

The Maroon ladies will face the Elmhurst College Bluejays on their home court in Elmhurst, Illinois. In the Bluejays’ first home game of the season, they hope to bring down our Maroons. Unfortunately for the Bluejays, the Maroons top their statistics in most aspects of the game. While the Maroons are undefeated in all five of their games, Elmhurst is 3–2 overall. While the Maroons average around 81 points per game, the Bluejays average 58. Moreover, while the Bluejays are said to average 58, their opponents are stated to average 59 points per game. Next, their field goal percentage is around 35 percent while their opponents average 43 percent. Luckily, our Maroons play a strong perimeter game, with sharp shooters like fourth-year Jamie Kockenmeister and third-year Taylor Lake placed all around the three-point line.  

Second-year guard Meaghan O’Hara commented on their packed week preparing for the game. “We have a tough week with three big games that we are taking one at a time,” she said. Looking toward Elmhurst on Saturday, O’Hara said, “We just had a big win against Wheaton on Wednesday and are ready to start preparing for Elmhurst at practice today and Friday.”  

The men’s team will play Kalamazoo this Saturday at 1 p.m. Eastern Time, while the women’s team will play Elmhurst at 2 p.m. Tune in to see how these statistics will play out in real time on the courts.