February 12, 2018

University Offers "Coffee On Us" to Promote Inclusivity

The University will pay for you to go on a coffee date with someone who “differs” from you this week at several participating campus coffee shops.

On February 7, Melissa Gilliam, the vice provost for academic leadership, advancement, and diversity, announced the new program Coffee on Us. From Monday, February 12, to Friday, February 16, students, staff, and alumni can invite someone they would like to get to know better to grab a cup of coffee for free at a participating coffee shop and chat. Gilliam wrote that Coffee on Us serves as a way to “make our campus climate more inclusive.”

To participate, people can fill out a form detailing who they would like to take out for coffee, tea, or any hot drink and why they made this choice. Afterward, they are given a confirmation code that they can redeem at a participating coffee shop on campus, including Pret A Manger, Ex Libris, Grounds of Being, Café Logan, and the Barnes & Noble Bookstore Café.

“Invite someone you'd like to know better, someone you've just met, or someone you see every day but know little about,” the description reads.

You can sign up to participate here.