October 31, 2019

University Enforces Safety Protocols; CTU Accepts Tentative Contract; New Policy Awards College Graduates Latin Honors | Newsletter for October 31

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Good morning. It’s fifth week. Happy Halloween 🎃

Safely Trick-or-Treating: University officials are enforcing multiple safety precautions this Halloween, including closing parts of 53rd Street after noon today and creating a crime-alert text system that can be used by students and community members in Hyde Park or Kenwood.

  • Last Halloween properties were vandalized, and a UChicago student was hospitalized due to injuries from an unknown group, according to UCPD reports. A similar spike in criminal activity around Hyde Park also occurred on Halloween in 2016.    

In Arts

Editor Perri Wilson writes in:

“[An Elephant Sitting Still] is premised upon the experiential and aesthetic power of long takes; the very nature of its lifeblood, its idea, necessitates its length.”

The 39th Annual Humanities Day challenged attendees to examine what it means to be living in an age of great technological and social upheaval.

To celebrate the acquisition of several contemporary works, the Art Institute recently held a discussion titled #BlackGirlMagic.

Your weekly roundup of arts and culture, on and around campus.


A counter-protester speaks to two PoP protesters. In the background, a tree slated for removal sports two red ribbons.

Alex Dalton / The Chicago Maroon

Protestors tied red ribbons around trees as part of a staged demonstration against tree removal being part of current construction plans for the Obama Presidential Center. The demonstration on Saturday was organized by community activists affiliated with Protect Our Parks, a group that recently appealed a lawsuit against the city and Chicago Park District.

  • Some individuals at the protest were supportive of the OPC’s construction, arguing that it could revitalize the South Side. Similar arguments have been made by Hyde Park community leaders before and have met a flurry of rebuttals—contributing to the OPC’s controversial history. 

  • Watch our profile of News editor Emma Dyer, who has covered the OPC for over two years, to find out more about it.

Administrators faced criticism and questions last week during a “Community Conversation” which addressed the results of the Campus Climate Report. The length of the report—132 pages—and the timing of the event (at noon on a Monday), were among the concerns raised about how the report’s findings have been communicated to members of the University

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In Viewpoints

Editor Meera Santhanam writes in:

Columnist Sam Joyce argues that the University's decision to demolish the University owned American Taxi Service Building was not inevitable, but rather the product of negligence, as a good renovation could have kept the historic structure alive.

In Sports

Editor Brinda Rao writes in:

Swim and dive dominate at their first meet of the season. Michael Kaydin explores how global recruiting has changed the dynamics of the Men's Soccer team. Volleyball sets impressive achievements with a successful season.

What makes sex good or bad, how to define it, and Western constructions of sexuality were among the topics discussed at a Night Owls lecture hosted in the University Church last Thursday. The talk featured philosophy professor Agnes Callard and Rebecca Kukla, professor of philosophy at Georgetown University. 

  • Professor Kukla: “There’s just a lot less bad sex in explicit kink communities. There’s no relationship so otherwise revolting that it can’t be made into fun sex play.”

  • The Night Owls series is organized by the Department of Philosophy, and is intended to invite students to late-night discussions on a range of philosophical topics via faculty-led talks. 

Circumstantial Extensions: The College Admissions Office is extending the early application deadline to November 10 for university applicants affected by the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) strike. CPS students are not required to request permission for the extension.

  • And on the strike: The Chicago Teachers Union voted on Wednesday night to accept a tentative contract, the Chicago Tribune reports. Teachers are continuing their strike, however, until the union and City agree on a plan to make up the missed school days from the strike.    

Latin Honors: The University will begin awarding Latin Honors to graduating college students, according to a new policy published in an updated version of the Course Catalog. No announcement was made to students.

  • The College has also changed the requirements for the Dean’s List. Students who have a GPA in the top 20 percent of all undergraduates will be placed on the list at the end of the year. Previously, any student with a GPA above 3.25 for that year earned a spot.


Editor Chris Jones writes in with a hint: 

“Obstruction of juice taste?” That would be a PIT (we’ll be the first to admit, it’s not our finest pun). Be sure to check out this week’s crossword puzzle, “O-Ring.”

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