May 6, 2019

Polls Open in Student Government Elections; Harris School Celebrates Move into Keller Center | Newsletter for May 6

By Elaine Chen    and Lee Harris   

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Good morning. It’s sixth week, and Student Government voting starts today.

Student Government (SG) candidates gathered Thursday night for a debate ahead of school-wide elections, which begin today and run through Wednesday.

  • Kyle Shishkin, running for SG president on the Reform slate, stressed relations with the University of Chicago Police Department (UCPD) as a top priority. If elected, he plans to improve the security alert system and allocate more money to mental health initiatives.
  • “We want to work with UCPD, not against it and trying to obstruct it, in order to make sure that UCPD can function well and also be better for students and community members in the local area,” Shishkin said.
  • Jahne Brown, leading the CARE (Community, Amplify, Represent, Empower) slate, said CARE would focus on UCPD’s transparency and empower students to have safe interactions with the police force.
  • Brown promised to institute “know your rights” training—especially for people of color, students of color—on campus, but also in the community, so we can have safe interactions.”
  • The competing slates also discussed their plans for Greek life, student representation on SG, and executive compensation, an initiative to pay members of the SG executive slate for their work.

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Third-year Ridgley Knapp is running to be the undergraduate liaison to the Board of Trustees, on on a two-pronged platform of promoting transparency in dealings with the Board of Trustees and increasing funding to RSOs that “pick up the slack” when dealing with University services like student counseling. 

First-year Harry Gardner is running to be a Class of 2022 representative, and hopes to increase funding for identity and mental health–related RSOs.

Third-year Rachel Abrams, currently a Class of 2020 representative, is running for Community Government Liaison. Abrams plans to connect community members and leaders in Woodlawn to Student Government representatives in order to “brainstorm” solutions to gentrification.

Voting will be conducted through Blueprint, and will be open from 10:00 a.m. Monday, May 6, through 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, May 8.


The Keller Center, which houses the Harris School of Public Policy.

Jacob Hand, Courtesy of the University of Chicago

The Harris School of Public Policy on Friday celebrated its move into the completed Keller Center, which opened its doors for classes on January 7.

  • Renowned artist and Harris faculty member Theaster Gates led the redesign of the building.

Metra stations face uncertain future: At its May 15 meeting, Metra’s board of directors will consider labelling the 47th Street stop in Kenwood and the 63rd Street station in Woodlawn as “underperforming” stations.

Financial Times ran a glossy spread on President Robert Zimmer in the Sunday U.S. edition of the business paper, detailing what the author called Zimmer’s attempt to “overhaul higher education.”

In Viewpoints

Editor Meera Santhanam writes in:

The Maroon’s Editorial Board argues that Metcalf internships need to be offered in a wide range of fields—beyond just finance—in order to expose students to the variety of career options out there.

The Ethical Area Studies Coalition cautions students against attending campus CIA informational sessions, like the one held in Ida Noyes on Tuesday, in light of certain U.S. government agencies’ human rights violations.

In Arts

Editor Zoe Bean writes in:

Originally unfamiliar with Senegalese food, Adam Chan tried every item on Gorée Cuisine’s menu, and can now vouch that every dish is tremendous.

Rob Pruitt painted 2,922 portraits of President Obama and they are on display at the Stony Island Arts Bank.

Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen make an unlikely pair in "Long Shot," which previewed at Doc Films last week.

Marvel's "Endgame" brings the franchise home (and brings in the box office bucks).

In Sports

Editor Brinda Rao writes in:

Senior Pitcher Joe Liberman looks back on his career on UChicago’s Men’s Baseball team, with a goal of continuing his passion for baseball after graduation.

Former Men’s Soccer Assistant Coach Pat Flinn is returning to UChicago as Head Coach of the team.

Men and Women’s Track and Field compete at the UAA Championship meet in Georgia. With several standout individual placings, the teams looks forward as they continue their season.

Lacrosse narrowly defeats Carroll (13-12), ranking No. 2 in their conference. The team will compete for their conference title this week.

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Editor Austin Christhilf writes in:

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