October 5, 2021


8:21 p.m.

College Council Chair Resigns Over Summer; Research Group Develops Facial Recognition Avoidance Software | Newsletter for October 5

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College Council Chair Murphy DePompei resigned from the undergraduate student government (USG)’s executive slate in late July, just two months after taking office.

  • DePompei will be replaced by fourth-year Marla Anderson, who has not been involved with USG previously.
  • In a statement, DePompei wrote that she resigned “for personal mental health reasons stemming from different and irreconcilable visions of leadership to continue effectively as a Slate.” 

A UChicago research group developed an open-source software program called “Fawkes” to avoid facial recognition technology.

  • By changing some of your features to resemble another person’s, the Fawkes “mask” prevents facial recognition software from training their models.
  • Skeptics of the project said that the algorithm does not account for unaltered images people have already posted on the internet and that softwares developed later can be trained to target such algorithms.


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