Alexia Bacigalupi

Arts Editor  /   2019 Class




May 20, 2016



May 20, 2016

RBIM’s CONTINUUM Offers Continuous Enthusiasm

"The energy among the dancers was high as they twisted onstage in coordinated jumps, head tosses, and complex formations."


May 12, 2016

B.A. Performance Weaves Tail of Chinese Legend and Identity

"Directing a performance of physical and emotional flexibility, Mao explored coming to terms with a complex personal identity and finding one’s voice in it."


April 14, 2016

MasterChef Judge Serves Masterclass in Fine Dining at Graham Elliot Bistro

"The West Loop Bistro... is a more low-key affair, pairing innovative takes on American classics in an accessible way."


March 3, 2016

Sem Co-Op Gets to the Heart of de Kerangal’s Newest Novel

“Manipulating language is manipulating time. Break a sentence and there is a hole of memory...”


February 25, 2016

UBallet’s Giselle Dances Through Heartbreak

"The group is committed to its dual mandate of both performing ballet and introducing it to first-time audiences and dancers."


February 8, 2016

UChicago Maya’s Kaleidoscope Dazzles in Theater West

"The mood changed immediately: the music became tense, the motions sharp and writhing, the costumes fitted and metallic."


January 18, 2016

Danger, desperation and desire: a fresh take on Macbeth

"Blunt and hypnotic, Kurzel’s Macbeth delivers a one-two punch to the solar plexus."


January 8, 2016

Not shaken and hardly stirred: a Spectre of the original series


November 12, 2015