Alison Gill


Maroons and Yellowjackets Bring Drama to the Pitch

The university’s soccer teams packed plenty of heroics and frustrations into their games against the University of Rochester this weekend.


October 12, 2021


8:26 p.m.

A Year Later, UChicago Sports Return

The Maroons return to play after twelve months on the sideline.


April 1, 2021


8:23 p.m.

NCAA Overlooks Division III Athletes

The NCAA’s decision to cancel Division III winter sports begs important questions about fairness and the collegiate sports models.


February 24, 2021


11:10 a.m.

Jeopardy!: America’s (True) Pastime

Alison Gill sits down with UChicago alum and author of Answers in the Form of Questions, Claire McNear.


December 1, 2020

Track athletes Isabel Maletich, Laura Darcey and Alexander Scott and wrestler Ben Sarasin react to the cancellation of their NCAA Championships.


April 21, 2020