Andrew Hammond


All in a day's work

So my current home decided to


June 28, 2006

To Piotr Korzynski and Jason W. Shapiro:

Podsednik definitely gave 110% on that


June 28, 2006

On flag burning

So it looks like the Senate will vote on a Constitutional amendment that would ban the desecration of


June 27, 2006

SCOTUS and the Environment

There's a great


June 26, 2006

Friday is Lincoln quote day! Hooray!

Abraham Lincoln's response to being called two-faced:"If I had two faces, do you really t


June 23, 2006

Dear Mr. Will: You may know baseball, but you don't know New Jersey.

George Will's


June 22, 2006

Destroy SIPP? But why?

A great editorial from the Times yesterday lays out a neat 275-word


June 21, 2006

Norton's perversion of conservation is dead.

So it turns out that the new Interior Secretary has


June 20, 2006

Advertising's newest target: School buses

Talk about a captive audience.Syndicated columnist, Derrick Z. Jackson, spends some seven


June 19, 2006

Islamist takeover in Pakistan? That's what Musharraf wants you to think.

The Carnegie Endowment for Peace has just released a fascinating


June 18, 2006