Angela Qian


Esteemed professors get silly in Quad Club Revels

In Quad Club Revels, University staff and faculty lampoon community and university traditions.


January 24, 2012

True story or tall tale? Either way, it fails

True Story has great tales but poor delivery.


January 10, 2012


Murakami’s fantasy spins out of control.


November 29, 2011

A single Iliad launches a thousand stories

The message is clear, and the horrors of war are apparent.


November 22, 2011

Miyavi loses the hair extensions; keeps his cool

While I, and other fans, may miss the brightly-colored youth that he once was, the 30-year-old Miyavi definitely has not lost his touch.


November 4, 2011

Nancy Holt goes inside the great outdoors

Like the viewer’s winding passage through the exhibit, Holt’s work is full of growth, both natural and created.


October 10, 2011