Anjali Dhillon


Lives in Limbo Event

Author of Lives in Limbo Roberto Gonzales shares some of his research on undocumented immigrants at Ida Noyes on February 27.


March 2, 2017

Former Professor Speaks on the Lives of Undocumented Children

“Living and working with kids and families in that community gave me a real bird's eye view of ways in which larger processes—immigration, policing, gentrification—were framing the everyday world of kids and families."


March 2, 2017

UCM Receives Grant for Neural Prosthetics Project

The National Institute of Health grant was $2.4 million and will fund a five-year project.


February 9, 2017

UCM Joins Shared Savings Program

The University of Chicago Medical Center was one of 99 ACOs selected to join the Shared Savings Program.


February 7, 2017

Trustee Donates $10.5 Million for Finance Internship Program, Lab School Scholarship

Donor John W. Rogers is a lab school board-member and CEO of Ariel Investments LLC.


January 5, 2017

UChicago Careers in Business Receives $10 Million Donation and a New Name

Byron D. Trott (AB’81, MBA’82) and Tina Trott, also made key contributions to the Metcalf Internship Program.


November 18, 2016

More Reactions to Trump's Election

In a variety of outlets, professors consider the implications of a Trump victory.


November 15, 2016

Human Rights Center Launches Archive of 10,000+ CPD Torture Documents

"They did despicable things to me," a torture victim said at the launch event.


October 21, 2016

CPD Torture Archive Launch Event

From left to right: Susan Gzesch, Flint Taylor, Darrell Cannon, and Alice Kim


Oct. 21, 2016

Lawsuit Makes Gun Control Film’s Hyde Park Screening Its Last, for a While

Gun Advocacy Group Says Deceptive Editing Left Them Speechless.


October 18, 2016