Ankit Jain


Obama presidential library to come to the South Side

The decision comes after the Illinois State Legislature passed a bill to allow the city to build museums on parkland.


April 30, 2015

Creator of Anonymonkey considered suing UChicago Secrets competitor

UChicago Crushes and Secrets were sent thousands of spam posts, putting the page out of commission for a few days.


April 10, 2015

Anonymity not guaranteed on UChicago Crushes and Secrets

“Here’s the thing with anonymity-nothing’s anonymous in cyberspace.”


April 7, 2015

Growing Pains

The Metcalf program is one of the most ambitious efforts by any university to bring a modicum of fairness to the inherently unfair unpaid-intern economy. If UChicago needs to make its program something worth emulating.


February 16, 2015


Fourth-year Nadia Ezaldein passed away on November 29. She was an English Language and Literature major who was heavily involved in volunteer work as a tutor and was interested in pursuing social justice work as a career.


Dec. 9, 2014

UChicago, UHawaii may partner for library

UChicago spokesperson: there may be a “digital connection” to University of Hawaii.


December 2, 2014

Admin, student confirm fake Facebook hack

“From the very beginning, our movement was never about particular incidents.”


November 25, 2014

Uncommon Interview: Uncommon: Rep. Patrick Murphy

“I lost 19 men in my unit in Iraq.... So I came back home to [Penn.] and ran against an incumbent.”


November 21, 2014

Uncommon Interview: CeCe McDonald

“I want people to take action.... It’s definitely a revolution coming,” McDonald says of LGBT movement.


October 17, 2014

UChicago a finalist for Obama Presidential Library

UIC, Columbia, and University of Hawaii are other three finalists.


September 19, 2014