Ayesha Siddiqi


Despite S.O.S. fundraiser, Hallowed Grounds not in danger of sinking

When the popular student-run coffee shop, Hallowed Grounds, issued an S.O.S. call for financial assistance, they didn’t realize how seriously their patrons would take them. The “Save Our Shop” fundraiser, held Monday, raised over $1,000 for the stru…


June 2, 2009

University losses mourned at Rockefeller

The names of the more than 100 University affiliates who died were read aloud, along with the names of deceased past presidents of the University.


May 29, 2009

Islam and Sexuality talk dissapoints attenders

The session with the attention-grabbing title, "Sexual Ambiguity/Ambiguous Sexuality: How Do You Solve a Problem Like Muhammad?" turned out to be about an 18th century sodomite named Muhammad, not about the Muslim prophet Muhammad.


May 8, 2009

Writer urges queer progress

Cherrie Moraga, a feminist activist and writer, spoke on “chicana” queer consciousness at Ida Noyes’ Cloister Hall Friday.


April 28, 2009

UCMC, Holy Cross join

The University of Chicago Medical Center (UCMC) is forming a clinical collaboration with Holy Cross Hospital, a nonprofit hospital located on West 68th Street.


April 7, 2009