Cam Bauchner


Hemingway family’s collected stories don’t translate to screen

Director Barbara Kopple's new documentary on mental illness in the Hemingway family lacks focus, coherence.


November 22, 2013

Hollywood plot distracts from accomplishments of Burmese activist

New biopic doesn'


April 24, 2012

Though entertaining, Hollywood sentimentality brings down 'The Grey'

Indecisive plot weakens the otherwise enjoyable 'The Grey.'


February 7, 2012

A girl grows in Brooklyn

Dee Rees's breakout film highlights the experiences of a black gay teenager growing up in Brooklyn.


January 13, 2012

From here to the end of the Weekend


November 29, 2011

A family portrait painted black

Payne knows that the best movies must have a stroke of comic paint, even if that paint is black.


November 22, 2011