Claire Potter

2021 Class


The Illinois Child Welfare System: Under Stress, Confronting COVID-19

The pandemic has only exacerbated the existing systemic issues faced by the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services and the children and families it serves.



April 6, 2021


10:56 p.m.

Memory, Art, and Performance: Three Perspectives on "Leopoldstadt"

Three University of Chicago professors discuss the politics of Jewishness, memory, and survival in Tom Stoppard’s "Leopoldstadt," as part of an ongoing seminar series with Court Theatre.


November 1, 2020

UChicago Medicine Volunteer Services Runs Food Drive for Patients, Families

The Feed1st program has provided free, nutritious food to patients and caregivers staying at UChicago Medicine since 2010.


October 29, 2018

Improv Comedy Plans for Revolution at The Revival

"The Revolution Will Not Be Improvised!" premiered at The Revival last Saturday.


October 12, 2017

Book Expo Marks Annual Gathering of Literary Community

Readers and writers alike gathered at the sixth annual Chicago Book Expo last Sunday.


October 5, 2017