David Kaner


"Pero yo ya no soy yo"

When life abroad slows down, you're left to face the melancholy music of your thoughts.


May 24, 2013

Sunken treasure: a ship and a shoal off 49th Street

Local underwater archeologist and alumnus leads charge to preserve Silver Spray and surrounding site.


February 21, 2013

Recognizing unfamiliar faces

Grappling with personal weirdness reminds us that there really is no such thing as normal.


February 11, 2013

Viewpoints Headshot Eleanor


Oct. 23, 2012



Oct. 19, 2012

A course in crisis management


October 11, 2012

Student health

New and improved health care can't cure That Kids


September 26, 2012

Pot and prejudice

Marijuana arrests pressure racial tensions and city budget.


May 25, 2012

Cooking with no reservations

There are a bounty of reasons for U of C students to set aside time in their days to cook.


May 22, 2012

Crash course

Couchsurfing can provide both guests and hosts with enriching, unexpected experiences.


February 23, 2012