Dylan Stafford


Manhood Without Misogyny

Our society’s toxic conception of masculinity harms men and women alike.


February 1, 2018

Breaking News, Broken Narratives

Media coverage of atrocities propagates Islamophobia.


November 2, 2017

War, Peace, and Soviet Strikes

As our political climate changes dramatically, we need to broaden our understanding of war itself


October 19, 2017

Forget Happiness

Striving for constant happiness is a common goal, but we must experience a fuller array of emotions to ever feel truly fulfilled.


May 30, 2017

Casual, yet Coded, Conversations

Common words and phrases often reflect unconscious prejudices.


April 30, 2017

Intellectual Malpractice

UChicago’s penchant for philosophies of the past is unintellectual.


April 3, 2017

Political Theater

Praising his recent speech, the media has again fallen for Trump’s traps.


March 6, 2017

Party of Protest

Outrage is normal, but Democrats must also consider long-term strategy.


February 20, 2017

Segregation Nation

We cannot continue to tacitly accept Chicago’s racial divide


January 26, 2017

The America We Must Fight For

We shouldn’t lose hope because Trump won—we should fight.


November 23, 2016