Elie Fuchs-Gosse


Low numbers threaten future of South Loop shuttle

Poor ridership and lack of student awareness could kill the University’s only provider of free, nonstop transportation into downtown Chicago.


October 14, 2011

Rallying for Rahm

Students supported Rahm, protesting the court ruling that took his name off the ballot, just days after he campaigned in Hyde Park.


January 25, 2011

In talk, columnist probes Americans' "Beijing Olympics opening ceremony" image of China

Atlantic columnist JamesFallows argued that Americans overstress political freedom in China. "To know China mainly by the arrests of dissidents is like knowing the U.S. mainly by Guantanamo," he said.


May 11, 2010

Lab campus to expand to Stony Island

The Lab Schools’ Early Childhood Center will likely be built at the site of the Doctors Hospital at 58th Street and Stony Island Avenue, University officials and a representative from the architectural firm FGM announced at a meeting in Judd Hall Th…


April 20, 2010

Reggie Watts walks the line between hip-hop and stand-up

The Maroon sat down with comedian Reggie Watts to discuss his improv influences, voice experimentation, and the life of a touring comedian.


February 23, 2010