Felicia Woron


By any other name

The path to feminism is not as easy as accepting its dictionary definition.


November 21, 2014

Riddle hints at new Potter trilogy

Harry Potter and the Cryptic Twitter Announcement


October 21, 2014

Santorum talks economics at IOP


May 9, 2014

Slate and liaison candidates face off in SG candidates debate

Candidates talked about UCPD, U-Pass, and divestment, among other issues.


April 29, 2014

SG transportation survey results released

Students reported paying for CTA rides an average of three times a week.


April 25, 2014

Multi-billion boost to Red Line

CTA plans to expand Red Line to 130th Street.


April 21, 2014

Alpha Delt hosts discussion on sexual assault prevention

Wantland: Sexual assault prevention requires “taking seriously the ‘small stuff’ of sexual violence.”


April 18, 2014

Bangladeshi workers speak at SOUL event

Factory workers told their stories of abuse and exploitation.


April 8, 2014