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A Guide for Institutional Review Boards on Three Issues of the Day

My attempt to scratch the surface of ethical issues Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) need to consid


January 7, 2008

Will Baude to clerk for Chief Justice John Roberts

Above The Law


December 14, 2007

Navigating End-of-Life Cases

My recent paper concerning hard issues in some of the toughest situations there are:


December 13, 2007

Medicine Today: Testing for disease can change lives

My latest from The Observer


December 8, 2007

Down syndrome as a state of being

From The Observer.


November 12, 2007

Patient Confidentiality and the Duty to Warn

You are the doctor. Your patient is being discharged with wounds that need only to have their dressi


November 7, 2007

Medicine Today: House Calls

My latest from The Observer:


October 13, 2007

Medicine Today: The art of asking the right questions

My latest column in The Observer is


September 21, 2007

Medicine and Bioethics Column

A new project: I have just started as the Medicine and Bioethics Columnist for


September 1, 2007

Condemning the boycott

The presidents of the University of


August 14, 2007