Hannah Fine


John Hope Franklin, renowned historian and professor, dead at 94

Franklin, who was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1995 by President Bill Clinton, helped Thurgood Marshall’s legal team on Brown v. the Board of Education and worked with civil right leaders such as the Martin Luther King Jr. and W.E.B.…


April 3, 2009

Human Rights approved as first independent minor; available for class of 2009

The Human Rights Program, which previously offered no undergraduate certification, will now grant a minor to eligible students.


March 10, 2009

Entrepreneurial alumni, students tackle unique business challenges

Internet company draws talent and workers from University students past and present


February 24, 2009

Medical Center lays off 450 employees

The University of Chicago Medical Center laid off 450 employees, almost five percent of its staff, Monday morning as part of its effort to comply with planned budget cuts of $100 million.


February 10, 2009

South African judge to teach human rights

Albie Sachs, a human rights activist and judge on South Africa’s Constitutional Court, spoke on his nation’s struggle for equality through what he called “the strange alchemy of life and law."


January 27, 2009

Sunstein among latest Obama appointees with U of C roots

Three more U of C legal minds are headed to Washington thanks to appointments made by President-elect Barack Obama this week. The list includes former Law School professors Cass Sunstein and Elena Kagan, and Susan Sher, the vice president for legal …


January 9, 2009

Hyde Parkers learn the nitty gritty of development at urban planning exercise

"When three people meet on a corner they form five committees," said 36-year Hyde Park resident Cal Audrain. Perhaps that's why another model block exercise was held in Hyde Park last week.


November 18, 2008

Obama’s most fervent supporters also most frazzled

Second-year Mark Redmond pulled two straight all-nighters last week—not unusual during midterms, but this was no academic matter. The real culprit was repeated forays into neighboring swing-state Indiana.


November 4, 2008

Former law professor appointed to International Monetary Fund reform committee

Kenneth Dam, professor emeritus at the Law School has been appointed to an IMF committee to enhance internal functioning.


October 28, 2008

Law School podcast nets over 100,000 downloads, named fourth best by legal news site

The Law School has embraced new media, gaining respect from fans and academics alike.


October 17, 2008