Jad Dahshan


Poetry in the Wake of Nuclear Disaster

The latest "Arts and the Nuclear Age" event brought together Japanese poet Takako Arai and translator Jeffrey Angles for poetry readings after nuclear fallout.


November 6, 2017

Humanities Day Celebrates Curiosity and Creativity Across Disciplines

From “Aerial Aesthetics: Artworks and Their Environments Around 1900” to book readings from campus novelists, this annual celebration of the humanities encouraged a deep sense of curiosity.


October 26, 2017

An Education on Masseduction

"It’s MASS-SEDUCTION, not MASS-EDUCATION, which is a noble and worthy cause for sure, but it’s not the title of my record,” announced St. Vincent in a Facebook livestream.


October 23, 2017

Telephones Lines and Veins Intertwine at "Savageness"

With bold performance art, 6018North delivered an immersive experience of urban architecture both past and present.


October 9, 2017