Janey Lee


Little Miss Success

Instead of trying to find success in our résumé, we should start looking for it in life’s more personal moments.


February 20, 2015

Uncommon interview: Jeff Zeleny

Future Senior Washington Correspondent at ABC News, Jeff Zeleny, discusses his career path.


March 8, 2013

Booth Professor examines investment bank fraud of 2008 crisis

A newly published paper by Booth professors examines how investment banks misrepresented important loan information, contributing to the 2008 financial crisis.


March 5, 2013

AP credit here to stay

University administrators weary of following Dartmouth's example in rejecting AP credit.


February 8, 2013

Chicago Cards get the boot

An updated system will phase out all Chicago Cards and magnetic stripe cards by 2014.


February 1, 2013

Study abroad builds bridge to Oxford

Second-, third-, and fourth-years are eligible to apply for this competitive program.


January 11, 2013

Ten Chicago hoop-stars named to UAA Silver Anniversary Teams

Ten former University of Chicago athletes were listed on the UAA 25th Anniversary Teams for men’s and women’s basketball last week in honor of the conference’s silver anniversary.


November 30, 2012

Food trucks sue City for rights

A Law School clinic is advising an alum and other food truck owners as they pursue litigation.


November 20, 2012

Chicago transit dept. shares its bikes with Hyde Park


November 20, 2012

A birthday bash for the ages: U of C celebrates Friedman centennial

Two panels discussed the famous economist's accomplishments and theories.


November 13, 2012