Katherine Vega


University Faces New Federal Title IX Investigations

University claims complaints predate stepped-up compliance.


March 4, 2016

Standard & Poor’s Downgrades University’s Credit Rating to AA-

The decreased credit rating is due to elevated debt and operating deficits.


February 26, 2016

Open Letter From Faculty Pushes Fossil Fuel Divestment

“The orange square has become the symbol of divestment, so we thought it would be powerful to put one in the quad for each faculty member who signed our letter."


February 23, 2016

Phi Delta Theta Charter Suspended

UChicago’s Phi Delta Theta chapter will be “re-colonized” after current members graduate.


February 5, 2016

Anti-Aramark Group Hosts Teach-in

Fight for Just Food says Aramark is Part of the “Prison-Industrial Complex.”


January 22, 2016

IRC releases annual report on UCPD complaints

The eight complaints that were reviewed by the IRC focused on racial profiling, unprofessional or rude behavior, and unwarranted search or damage of property.


January 12, 2016

Talk by Van Jones celebrates life of MLK

“It is only in bringing diverse perspectives…that we can work towards the future that Dr. King imagined.”


January 12, 2016

Law School, nonprofit release CPD complaint database after long litigation

The Citizens Police Data Project is the result of years of litigation and FOIA requests.


November 20, 2015

University to sell Blackstone, Broadview, and Maclean

New Graduate Residence Hall and Breckenridge, the two other dorms set to close, will not be sold.


November 13, 2015

Four students arrested at downtown protest

Students with the Southside Solidarity Network and the UChicago Climate Action Network participated in a die-in for higher taxes on the rich.


November 5, 2015