Maroon Editorial Board


U-Pass is Inefficient, So What?

The Editorial Board defends U-Pass, despite its $650k net loss.


May 11, 2018

Endorsement: Unite for Executive Slate

The editorial board endorses Unite for Executive Slate, but we think some of their proposals would benefit from revision.


April 30, 2018


9:30 a.m.

Student Government's UCPD Resolution is a Common Sense Proposal

SG’s draft resolution on the UCPD is a first step in a larger important conversation about the state of mental health resources.


April 27, 2018

Endorsement: Daniel Biss is a Solid Progressive Pick for Governor

The Maroon Editorial Board endorses Daniel Biss as the strongest democratic candidate in Illinois’s March 20 gubernatorial primary.


March 17, 2018

Regulating Speech: Not a Job for LSA

Student government should not become the arbiter of campus free speech.


March 5, 2018

Biss: Electing Pritzker is “literally the worst thing we could possibly do”

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Daniel Biss sat down with the Maroon Editorial Board to talk unionization, Amazon, BDS, and billionaires.


March 3, 2018

University Should Voluntarily Recognize Graduate Union

There's no reason to think UChicago will recognize Graduate Students United, but here's why it should.


February 26, 2018

Let's Get Down To Business

The lack of transparency surrounding the proposed business economics major cannot become the norm for University announcements.


February 23, 2018

Don't Relocate, Advocate

A recent faculty letter opposing the Obama Center plans comes too late and misses the mark.


January 23, 2018

The Proving Ground

Grounds of Being's independence should be protected.


January 19, 2018