May Huang

Arts Editor


Voices in Your Head Sings Outside the Cube

The Maroon sat down with the voices stuck in everyone's head.



April 17, 2017

Communities Bond Over “Centennial Brooks”

"Centennial Brooks" was a three-day event that celebrated the life and legacy of poet Gwendolyn Brooks through panels and performances.


April 10, 2017

JLCO and CSO Join Bands to Jazz Up the Classics

Friday evening marked the end of the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra's 3-day residency in Chicago, featuring a collaborative performance with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.


March 6, 2017

Robert Grosvenor’s "Untitled" Evades Concrete Answers

In admiring the brick, Grosvenor was also expressing empathy for the anonymous workers who had contributed their labor to something that would outlast them.


February 24, 2017

Who Tells Your Story: Fiction Has Its Eyes on You, History

Four professors discuss the relationship between history and fiction in a panel discussion hosted by the Chicago Journal of History.


February 20, 2017

Palette Control: Kapwani Kiwanga Adds Color to Authority

An academic-turned artist, Kiwanga's work explores how institutions such as schools and prisons affect behavior.


January 26, 2017

Words Take Action at Chicago Writers Resist

Free readings will be held all over Chicago on January 15 as part of Writers Resist.


January 9, 2017

History of Art, University Cemented in Concrete Cadillac

A colossal conservation effort brings Wolf Vostell's public Fluxus sculpture, "Concrete Traffic," back to campus after almost eight years. "Concrete Happenings" will feature a program of diverse art events until next spring.



November 3, 2016

USO Concert Casts Spell on Audience

"Magic, Curses, and Spells": University Symphony Orchestra channels Halloween with Tchaikovsky and Harry Potter.


October 31, 2016

Fraternité and Free Music Ring With CSO

Most importantly, the Apostolic Church of God was filled with people of all ages who loved what they heard.


October 17, 2016