Min Hahn


Trans Erasure, Whitewashing Subjects of Emerging Mind Talk

“There is this idea that if you’re telling a story about women’s issues you’re not speaking about universal issues...I think that’s completely ridiculous.”


January 22, 2016

Forum discusses upcoming campus climate survey

The second campus climate survey will be released in the spring and focus on race and diversity at the University.


January 12, 2016

QUIP calls on Doc Films to cancel screening of "The Danish Girl"

After an exchange on Facebook, QUIP and Doc Films agreed to host a post-screening discussion about transgender stereotypes in the movie.


December 6, 2015

UCMC to open outpatient clinic in the South Loop

5,000 patient visits a year are expected at the 18,000 square foot clinic, which will open in 2016.


November 5, 2015