Mina Kang


Service frat dishes out a taste of poverty


February 21, 2012

Female faculty put careers under the microscope

A collaboration between the U of C and Northwestern will support female faculty in STEM fields.


January 27, 2012

Where atoms once raced, history is lost

Before welcoming the University’s new William Eckhardt Research Center in 2015, the University will have to demolish the Enrico Fermi Research Institute in Feburary, which occupies the Center’s future site and boasts 67 years of history.


January 20, 2012

Clarke's, Whole Foods come to Harper Court

New food options will come to Hyde Park by 2014, satisfying students' 24-hour hunger.


May 6, 2011

Middle East unrest disrupts FLAG grants

Students planning to study foreign languages in the Middle East this summer had rude awakenings when the U.S. State Department issued travel restrictions early this month.


April 15, 2011

Video games studied from all levels

The Department of Political Science funded the third game night for the video games studies group, which encourages strategic thinking through gaming.


March 4, 2011

U of C business helps students get deals on college loans

EduLender offers information on more than 230 private student loan providers and state loan programs.


February 1, 2011