Miriam Benjamin


Pitchfork closes its first decade and stays in tune


August 4, 2015

English Graffiti draws upon its predecessors, for better and for worse

The point of English Graffiti was to take a risk


May 29, 2015

Joanna Gruesome’s short and sweet Peanut Butter sticks

The art of the short song is underappreciated


May 21, 2015

Django Django is unreined, suffers from Second Album Syndrome

At around the eleventh track, my mind started to wander


May 8, 2015

After 12 years, reunited Blur strikes back with The Magic Whip

“...the references to Asia give the album a sort of Lost in Translation vibe.”


April 30, 2015

Stevens can’t translate intimate album to 3,500-seat venue

"Being alone on a huge stage evoked the vulnerability and personal nature of the record, which the concert as a whole failed to do"


April 27, 2015

Attempt at unique indie rock album Foiled

Speedy Ortiz has a distinct American indie-rock heritage but mostly fails to differentiate itself from the bands it was inspired by.


April 24, 2015

Drenge goes from two to three in newest LP


April 17, 2015

White Men are Black Men Too? Young Fathers' new album conveys political message

This was the first sign (besides their winning album Dead) that Young Fathers wasn't going to hide its politics


April 10, 2015