Natalie Manley



UChicago Takes Reality TV…Part II?!?

After this week’s premiere of "Survivor" Season 41, third-year Xander Hastings became the latest UChicago student to join the ranks of reality TV stardom.


September 22, 2021


10:35 p.m.

TikTok Famous… Twice: How UChicago’s Brett Katz Found his Internet Fame

Brett Katz, the mastermind behind @annumreport and the president of Burton Judson’s Chamberlin House sits down with The Maroon, to talk all things TikTok, Poll Party, and Frankie Jonas.


May 22, 2021


11:43 a.m.

“Better Now” Than Ever Before: UChicago’s Ransom Notes and Their Journey to the 2021 ICCA Finals

For the first time in their 24-year history, The Ransom Notes advanced to the final round of the International Competition of Collegiate A Cappella.


May 16, 2021


12:11 p.m.

MODA Makes Moves: After a Major Reimagining of their Magazine, MODA Continues to Uphold its Commitment to Creativity, Accessibility, and Diversity

In its Winter 2021 issue, MODA finds concrete footing in its renewed commitment to diversity and accessibility.


April 7, 2021


12:54 p.m.

Politics and Pleasantries: A Smart Museum Discussion of Erika Rothenberg’s Satirical Greet-ing Cards

The Smart Museum features the work of Rothenberg, a former UChicago student, in its new discussion-based web series.


April 1, 2021


11:33 a.m.

Meet Reese Klemm: The Newest Addition to UChicago’s Youtube Community

Second-Year Reese Klemm Brings Her Own Angles and “Pizzaz” to Her Channel.


February 24, 2021


7:42 p.m.

"Firebird" Spreads Its Wings: Daniela Brigatti and Sha Frasier on UChicago’s Up-and-Coming Music Magazine

Seeking to fill a void in UChicago’s existing student publications, "Firebird Magazine" will tackle all things music starting spring quarter.


February 8, 2021


4:35 p.m.

MODA Reimagined: How UChicago’s Premier Fashion Magazine Is Reinventing Itself in the Online World

No longer trying to be “the college version of Vogue,” MODA’s new online magazine and podcast aim to stray from industry standards.


January 11, 2021

Free Speech Advocate Suzanne Nossel Speaks at the Chicago Law School

Nossel, a former member of the Obama administration and the current CEO of PEN America, promotes an individualized approach to securing our own, and others' right to speak freely in the U.S. in her new book "Dare to Speak."


December 3, 2020

President Zimmer Speaks in Washington Post Webinar on the Future of Free Expression in America

President Zimmer, known for the creation of the Chicago Principles, stressed the importance of committing to free speech on campus, especially in the current political climate.


October 26, 2020