Noelle Turtur


Free to fail

While high-stakes American exams put pressure on students to succeed in one sitting, the Italian alternative is worse.


October 29, 2013

A place to call home

Constant change during college leaves us with more than one home.


October 18, 2013

A new home in a different world

Though difficult at times, the experience of a year abroad will no doubt prove unimaginably valuable and rewarding.


June 8, 2013

Lost in documentation

In Italy, a trip to the library is an education in navigating the tedium of bureaucracy.


May 17, 2013

Procession of faith

Italian Good Friday celebration reveals that rituals can build community.


April 26, 2013

Final assessment

Mamma mia! Exams at UChicago don’t have anything on the nervewracking Italian style of testing.


March 8, 2013

Concealing a raging election

Election season in Italy is marked by an eerie silence unfamiliar to participants of the vocal culture of American politics.


February 21, 2013

Making change manifest

Right to demonstrate provides valuable opportunity to speak up about your future—in any language.


February 7, 2013

Life of a different mind


January 31, 2013

American expatriotism

An experience with a new culture can force you to reexamine your relationship with your own.


January 17, 2013