Patrick Egan



"Stuber" Falls Short of a Five Star Rating

While "Stuber" stars Dave Bautista and Kumail Nanjiani share commendable comedic chemistry, the film's writers fail the promising duo.


July 18, 2019

O'Shea Jackson, Jr. Looks Far Ahead with "Long Shot"

O'Shea Jackson, Jr. talks to The Maroon about upcoming comedy "Long Shot" and his future career plans.


April 29, 2019

Starving Artists No Longer: Build Coffee’s Meal-Based Residency Program

The coffee shop’s community-minded initiative provides local artists with both an exhibition space as well as a regular meal plan.


February 21, 2019

It’s a Small World After All: the Neubauer Collegium’s Exhibit on Visual Arts in Literature

The Neubauer Collegium’s newest exhibit explores the phenomenon of certain, enduring images in the publishing industry.


January 21, 2019

"In Search of Greatness:" A Sports Documentary That Isn’t Really About Sports

The Maroon interviewed director Gabe Polsky about his documentary, through which he strives to inspire people to reach for greatness, creativity, and fulfillment.


October 29, 2018

New Kids on the Block: An Interview with the First-Time Actors of First-Time Director Jonah Hill’s "Mid90s"

"The Maroon" sat down with the first-time actors of Jonah Hill’s "Mid90s" to discuss the experience of going from pro-skater to actor.


October 15, 2018

"The Originalist": A Novel Twist on Scalia at the Court

John Strand's "The Originalist," now playing at the Court Theatre, challenges partisan lines through a fictionalized story about Antonin Scalia.


May 21, 2018

ACSA Showcases Riches of African and Caribbean Culture

The cultural show included traditional art, dance, and clothing alongside forms inspired by hip-hop and contemporary Kenyan pop.


April 19, 2018