Preston Thomas


Delhi Center to kickoff March 28


March 7, 2014

Whole Foods delayed until 2016

It will be the anchor store in the City Hyde Park complex, a $114 million development project.


February 18, 2014

Second-year to compete in college Jeopardy! tournament

A lifelong fan plays Jeopardy! against 14 other college students for $100,000.


February 11, 2014

University of Chicago doctor advances child abuse pediatrics

Dr. Jill Glick helps strengthen the ties between medicine and child advocacy.


January 31, 2014

Hyde Parkers protect cats from the cold

Community members volunteer to help cats find homes.


January 28, 2014

Dropped lawsuit paves the way for Yusho opening

Residents seek to revive the lawsuit against University petition.


January 17, 2014

Hyde Parker is an eyewitness to history

Herman Cohn remembers Kristallnacht, the Holocaust, and Normandy.


November 15, 2013

Sands replaces Viola as Class of 2016 representative

Viola is now chair of College Council.


November 8, 2013

Graphic designer clicks for peace

Social media is key to the "Israel-Loves-Iran" campaign for Ronny Edry.


October 18, 2013

Disorientation orients students towards community

Student activists cited recent developments as examples of divide between University and community.


October 11, 2013