Robert Sorrell


Uncommon Interview: Filmmaker Patrick Thomas Underwood, A.B.’03


October 22, 2015

What to expect from the 51st Chicago International Film Festival

...the best way to get the most out of the fest is to go for the films and directors you’ve never heard of.


October 15, 2015

Ebert's legacy still felt At the Movies

"...he was one of us, someone we could trust"


April 7, 2015

Oscar results debateable. As usual.

"The Oscars are important because they are judging, and in some ways determining the future of the movies"


February 27, 2015

O-Issue 2014: Neighborhoods: North, Central, South, West, and the "Burbs"


October 6, 2014

Hearth-to-Hyde Park

Promontory, a brand-new 53rd Street restaurant, bar, and music venue from the team behind Longman & Eagle: "Hope for what [this place] could mature into is what will keep people coming back."


August 12, 2014

Five summer movie events that don't involve superheroes or megaplexes

To do: watch Rushmore in Pritzker Pavilion


June 3, 2014

My big fat Greektown tour

All the best places to shop, eat and buy candles in Chicago's little slice of Greek elysium


May 23, 2014

Tell me about it, Studs: Best of the Terkel Art Festival

A few of the must-see events at this weekend's "Let's Get Working" festival, a three-day celebration of legendary orator Studs Terkel.


May 9, 2014

Behind the wheel, Tom Hardy takes on another dark night

An action star puts B movies in his rear-view mirror


May 6, 2014