Solana Adedokun


Off-Campus Students Receive Local Produce Through SG Partnership With Local Farm

Over 270 off-campus apartments received free organic produce from Star Farm, an urban farm that connects farmers and community members through its community-supported agriculture program.


May 17, 2021


11 p.m.

Disability Rights Student Group Advocates for Continued Zoom Classes Post-Pandemic

“We don’t want academia to shut its doors on us just because it’s convenient now.”


April 29, 2021


7:20 p.m.

Not Child’s Play: Student Parents on the Demands of the Pandemic

The pandemic has only heightened the needs of student parents, at UChicago and nationwide.


April 3, 2021


9:26 p.m.

Over a Century of House Culture: The Story of Snell-Hitchcock

Over a century ago, Snell-Hitchcock residents launched The Section Six, an annual magazine documenting the dorm’s people and culture. Now, as its residents revive the publication, Grey City takes a deep dive into the dorm’s long history.



March 9, 2021


9:38 p.m.